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Roasted Vegetable Antipasto

Providing the Lake George Region with incredible cuisine

Party Platters

Take-out or Delivery
Hors d'oeuvres, Fingers Foods and Gourmet Snacking!

Entrees and Sides

Take-out or Delivery
Main Course, Sides, Salads and Accompaniments!

BBQ Style

Take-Out or Delivery
Gourmet grilled and Smoker Specialties. We make the best BBQ!

Party Rentals

Tents, Tables and more
Providing event rentals, complete with site inspections and planning support for all our events! Tents, tables, chairs, linens and more.

Catering Options

  1. Take-out / pick-up at our location
  2. Drop-off / we deliver to your location
  3. Catering / we provide set-up and staffing
Offering gourmet dishes, comfort foods and seasonal selections to entertain any crowd. Great food, convenience, ultimate value, always prepared fresh and Ready to eat.

Quantities & Portioning

How many entrees do I need?
you may choose to offer a single entree protein selection and we recommend to figure 6-8 oz portions per person.
you may offer 2-3 protein selections and reduce to a 3-5 oz serving for multible entrees!
Sides & Vegetable do I need?
you may offer a combination of 1-3 accompaniments
we recommend you figure a 4-6 oz portion per guest
How many Salads & Sides do I Need?
We recomend at leats one green salad selection
For most deli salads we recommend a 2-3 oz serving per item on your menu
For Potato Salads: we recommend a 4-6 oz servings
  • FULL Pans = approx 10#
  • HALF Pan = approx 5#
    Green and Chopped salads:
  • HALF PAN serves approx 12-15 guest
  • FULL PAN serves approx 20-25 guest
How many Hors d'oeuvres do I need?
Displays & Trays:
  • When serving Displays only - figure 3-4 total
  • When serving Displays & Hors d'oeuvres figure 2-3 Displays plus 3-6 hors d'oeuvre pieces per guest Hot Hors d'oeuvres:
  • Serving hot or chilled Hors d’oeuvre's only - figure 8-12 pieces per guest
  • When Serving Hors d’oeuvre's & Dinner - figure 4-6 hot or chilled pieces per guest
  • Generally the portion yield listed is approx. and actual yield depends on how many different items you include!
  • Consider the popularity of items, you may require more portions to be safe, especially beef or shrimp selections!
  • Take-Out by the Pan Yields
    Half Pan
    each pan serves approx. 12-15 guests
  • Full Pan
    each pan serves approx. 25-30 guests
  • Take Out Displays Yields
    Small Display
    will serve approx 15-20 guests
  • Medium Display
    will serve approx 30-40 guests
  • Large Display
    will serve approx 60-75 guests

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