Frequently asked questions about our venue ...

Venue Info?
What is included?

We offer various private venue spaces for Events

  • The Mezzanie Room overlooking the park and Lake George includes use of the Bar and seated entertaining space for up to 75 guests.
  • The Piazza Room (Courtyard) includes seated entertaining space for up to 150 guests
  • For more detailed information about what is included in the rental, please visit our Rental page.
Is the availability of Villa Vero seasonal?

No. The venue caters to weddings and private events year round. Only one event at a time is booked.
Please inquire about available dates by calling 518-618-4059. We look forward to hearing from you.

Is there a minimum rental time?

There is a minimum rental period of 4 hours for events and weddings are scheduled for up to 6 hours of entertaining and ceremony plus any set up and decorating.

How to Access?

We have our main access located on Canada Street next to Caffe Vero Entrance
We have a 3 person elevator ideal for elderly guests anyone with Handicaps or special needs locted on the Montcalm Street Entrance

Capacity & Use?
What is the capacity for entertaining?

Capbacity depends largely on your vision, the type of service, and entertainment of your event. Maximum capacity of 250 guests attending.

The Mezzanie serves as Cocktail Area, Bar, for Entertaining, Presentations or Seated Dining for up to 75 guests.

The Piazza serves as seated Dining for up to 150 guests. Entertaining, Presentation for up to 250 guests
For more information and recommendations please contact the catering department.

Are there decoration guidelines/restrictions?

We encourage our renters to decorate, and will help them with their vision. Please contact us with specific questions.

Amenities & Services?
What are the amenities available at Villa Vero?

There are Private Mens and Ladies bathrooms, both are handicaped accesible for guests.
There is a full service Bar offering extensive alcoholic and non alcoholic beverage options

Is there housing available at Villa Vero?
  • For the wedding party and/or Family we offer a three bedroom suite with private baths, Living Room with Pull out Sofa Bed, Full kitchen, Master Bedroom with private bath and jacuzzi tub.
  • There are dozens of hotels and motels within walking distance.
  • Guests may also be housed in neighboring towns with only minutes of travel time – Bolton Landing, Diamond Point and Queensbury.
Do yo offer parking?
  • We offer No parking directly on our property, all parking is street parking or one of the village parking lots located walking distance from our venue
  • All of The Hotels within the village provide private parking for their guests.
  • The Maynard Center on Mainstreet offers all Day Parking for $10 during the summer season.
  • James Street Parking Lot with metered parking from memorial day till Laborday
  • For a Fee, we can arrange a private parking area complete with parking attendant. Located only 50 yards behind our Venue. This will offer convenience and private parking for your attending guests.

For more information check out the village website

Can I hold my ceremony at Villa Vero in addition to my wedding?

Yes. Weddings held at Villa Vero can include the ceremony. There may be an extra charge, as the additional time for the ceremony will be added to the event service period. If couples wish to schedule a ceremony rehearsal the day prior to the wedding, there could be a fee and it would be based on availability.

Is there a designated ceremony site?

Couples can choose where they want to hold their ceremony. The Our Mezzanie Balcony or the Fountain in the courtyard are popular options.

    Other options include
  • The Shephard Park Beach and/or Amphitheater accross the street
  • or one of the many churches within minutes of walking distance right in the village of lake George.
Can I hire my own vendors i.e. planners, florist, photographer etc.

Yes you can

Must I select from a preferred vendor list?

We welcome new vendors chosen by our Renters. We also provide upon request a preferred vendor list.

Do you have an in-house caterer?

Yes. RGI Catering must be hired for both food and beverage services for all events.

Can I bring my own alcohol?

No. Alcoholic beverages may only be served by RGI Catering with a valid New York State Liquor License. So, you would need to make arrangements with RGI Catering about the selection, purchase and service of wine, beer and alcohol.

Are tables, linens, chairs, plates, silverware and glassware provided?

yes. These items are provided by RGI Catering.

Are there restrictions on what kind of music I can play, or a time by which the music must end?

There are no restrictions on the type of music. DJ, bands, singers are all welcome.

Are there restrictions for the photographer?

No. Many couples have their photographs taken just prior to the wedding (during the 5 hour Set-up time).

Does the premises have facility Staff that will be present on the day of my Event?

Yes. We provide staff that oversees the use of the premises. Our staff will be present during the entire event.
RGI provides all service personell including the Set-Up and Break-down period. The number of staff present will depend on the number of guests attending the Event.

AV Options?
Do you offer audio video support?
  • There are Two Audio Video Presentation Screens with ceiling mounted Projectors available.
  • We offer a built in sound system including podiums and microphones
Do you charge for the use of the AV equipment?

No, we do not charge our clients for the use of our AV equipment or features when used during a scheduled event at our venue!

How do I connect to the Projection Equipment?

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